Services – IT & Organisational consulting

The main aim of this service line is to provide support in the management of Information technologies: helping to optimize your resources in order to increase the performance of the systems, selecting and interlocuting with suppliers, managing projects on their behalf … This allows ICT to be a necessary value generator for the entity as a whole.

ICT Dimensioning and Organization

The Dimensioning and Technological Organization consists of reviewing and defining the organizational structure of the permetent ICT area:

  • Contain the costs of management and personnel, including the incorporation of new people that allow absorbing new competitors.
  • Increase the efficiency of internal processes.
  • Define the optimal organizational structure for the characteristics and needs of the organization.
  • Distribute, segment or redefine the tasks of each area according to their attributes and dimensions.
  • Describe area responsibilities and ICT processes actors .
  • Assume new competencies, without substantial increase in the management costs of the entity, under criteria of efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Ensure a proper segregation of duties.
  • Prepare the catalogue of intern services (in other areas or units of the entity) or external (costumers, suppliers, citizens…)

In order to define the organizational structure o dimensioning the Organization,  a support consultancy is carried out, taking in consideration of  business processes and the technological, organizational and legal conditions.

Information Systems Master Plan

information systems master plan allows the planning the information systems  to be adjusted and  give value to the business objectives and strategy of the client; through:

  • Identifying the requirements of the technological platform and define the Information Systems that support the Company’s business processes.
  • Reviewing technology-business alignment mechanisms throughout the entire cycle, to ensure these are clearly focused on productivity and cost improvements.
  • Focusing on technology as a lever to improve competitiveness and value creation.
  • Determinizing the structure of the function and computing unit.
  • Analyzing and proposing improvements in business processes.
  • Defining the projects, the action plan and the necessary work schedule.

Based on this analysis, an Information Systems Master Plan is designed and the technological platform on which the future Information Technology Services of the Organization will be developed is defined.

The Information Systems Master Plan may have as its scope all the information systems, resources and personnel of the company.

Process reengineering

Administrative circuits and processes are an important part of the tasks of any entity.

Process reengineering consists on studying, improving and optimizing processes and workflows by:

  • Determine the key activities and functionalities of the circuit.
  • Define the maximum time allowed to guarantee the quality of the service, looking for ways to minimize it in each circuit.
  • Define the necessary tasks of each roles of members and participants and the control and validation points of non-redundant basic managers.
  • Describe and document the processes for homogenizing and standardizing the circuit.
  • Implementation of ISO procedures: Quality 9000, environment 14000, information security 27000,…
  • Encourage the control, monitoring and management of the process.
  • Propose recommendations to increase the level of service and streamline tasks according to existing resources.

Management and outsourcing of ICT projects

Comprehensive service for the management and outsourcing of ICT projects to support entities in the areas of management, decision, strategy and operational tasks related to the ICT projects.

The process to carry out this type of project is:

  • Defining and planning of projects, selection and evaluation of suppliers based on requirements and needs.
  • Management of Third party project
  • Management of organizations and technical systems: definition of infrastructures, organization, etc.
  • Management and / or assumption of departmental responsibilities or ICT areas.
  • Technical and organizational support and advice to organizations and managers (CEO, CIO, CISO…)

Patents, industrial designs and intellectual property

Patents and technical and computer developments are part of the values ​​of companies.

These values ​​must be protected to guarantee the protection of the rights and their exclusivity, being necessary to have an advice and technical support ensuring a proper application in the market.

Tarsys provides technical and strategic support in:

  • Determination of the need to protect the company’s developments, innovations or brands.
  • Analysis of the situation and compliance with licenses and suppliers in accordance with the uses of the entity. Support for claims from developers or software companies for licensing or intellectual property claims.
  • Preparation of technical documentation for designs subject to patent.
  • Accompaniment and dialogue with trademark and patent offices and law firms.
  • Technical reports and forensic and judicial opinions.